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The most regrettable and unpardonable aspect of the devastating effect of fire is not having the means or requisite equipment to fight the fire when it starts.

Ghana’s fire laws make it mandatory for places where people sit to work or do business (i.e., offices, warehouses, etc.) to be equipped with fire protection facilities – smoke/gas detectors, fire extinguishers, fire blankets etc.

Data from Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) indicates that cases of domestic fires outweigh/surpass industrial, vehicular, institutional and commercial fires.

About The 1F1FE Project

The One Facility One Fire Extinguisher Project (1F1FE Project) is a project/initiative by MBA and SEEF to encourage people to have at least 1 fire extinguisher at a reduced price in their facility to help them fight fires when they start. The Project also includes servicing/re-filling of old/expired fire extinguishers at reduced cost.

The project is currently being organized in Accra and Tema, but will be extended to other parts of Ghana from 2022 onwards.

We have a range of quality fire extinguishers in various sizes to meet your needs/requirements. Click here to send us your request and we will respond immediately

1F1FE Package/Offer/Benefits

  1. Free delivery in Accra and Tema for 5 extinguishers and above
  2. Free installation in Accra and Tema
  3. Free training on the use of extinguishers
  4. Free 1st year service/maintenance

1F1FE Mobile Clinic

Starting February 2021, the 1F1FE team shall establish mobile sales and collection points from one district/location to another where you can purchase extinguishers, smoke detectors and safety and fire equipment and also drop your extinguisher for servicing or re-filling.

Visit our website regularly for information on location of the mobile clinic

1F1FE Extinguisher Prices

Click here for prices of fire extinguishers.

Payment Terms

  1. Payment before supply & installation
  2. Payment via mobile number (963463/0595867958)

Please send us a request for extinguisher and servicing

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